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Begin the guitar again

Actually, at the beginning of this year, I pulled out the guitar that had been left in the case for many years and I've been practiceing from then on.

The chance was that my daughter began playing the piano.



At first I was trying to practice the piano together, but when I tried it I felt frustrated with so much difficulty and gave up quickly. . .

The stress was so huge because I can play guitar little...


BUT , my motto in mentoring my children is "Child learn from Parents behavier". So, I'm practicing the guitar although the instrument is not same.


I had been playing in the band when I was a student and also played in my friend's wedding party after I got a job. But, after I had a child, I put away in the case because it was dangerous I leave it in the living room.  and ... I forgot... Common things.


But I'm amazed the current situation because it has been changed from 10 years ago. And I'd like to write them.

1. Tools has been digitized (and free)

In the old days, the tools that I bought with a good deal of money were digitized(app for iOS) and became free...

For example, tuner, metronome, effector, amp...



It's a great era...


I do not normally use applications other than the metronome, but it is convenient when traveling.


FYI, I use this. But I's not free.

Tempo - Metronome メトロノーム

Tempo - Metronome メトロノーム

  • Frozen Ape Pte. Ltd.
  • ミュージック
  • ¥360


2. There are lots of training videos on the net

Free or NOT Free


In order to do it properly, it is better to learn it, but there are lots of videos and sites to be helpful.


It is far more efficient than practicing with instructional books alone.


3. Online shopping is awesome

I used Amazon well, but online shops exclusively for musical instruments are amazing. .

Good product selection and reasonable price!


I don't want to buy plectrums or strings in a real shop any more...


FYI, I always use "Sound house", thanks.




Now, the children are blessed...